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Our holistic approach to risk management, security, IT, AV and SMART Technology consulting offers a unique way of reducing levels of risk whilst increasing protection, resilience and reliable connectivity.

Connecting Business Securely

CornerStone is an award-winning, independent digital building consulting firm providing a range of Risk Management, Design and Implementation Management Services associated with security, information technology and audio-visual systems. We work with clients all over the world, reducing levels of security risk and making their organisations better connected through a pioneering, holistic approach that delivers outstanding results.

Not all Risk Assessments are equal

Our quantitative, evidence-based assessments take our consultancy process deeper and broader when identifying security-related vulnerabilities and threats.  Only then do we calculate levels of risk and recommend how their potential effects can be mitigated. Our extensive design and project delivery capability provides the reassurance and support every step of the way on the path to greater levels of preparedness and resilience.

What we do

Risk, Security, IT, AV & SMART Tech

CornerStone’s holistic approach is paving the way to a more joined-up future, providing more inclusive and comprehensive solutions that deliver outstanding results. Outmoded silos within digital building design and risk management structures are fast becoming irrelevant. Today’s converged and interdependent business systems are not only increasing risk but also challenging how technical solutions are delivered. Our new Unified Security Risk Management ® Standard is part of the CornerStone response. And it’s working. Take a look at the service areas that form part of our unified proposition.

Advisory Services

Supporting clients strategically, operationally and tactically across the risk and digital systems landscape to achieve optimised operational effectiveness and improved return on investment

Assessment and Audit

Evaluation of a broader array of threats and vulnerabilities that enable risk quantification through a comprehensive range of assessment and audit services

Cyber Risk, InfoSec and Data Protection

As the threats associated with Cyber Security and Data Protection continue to grow, our dedicated team of experts help clients understand their exposure and how to mitigate the risks

Design and Mitigation Services

Understanding true risk exposure enables us to blend physical, technical and operational solutions to reduce risk and improve levels of resilience

Implementation Services

From global technology roll-outs to individual project delivery, our implementation team is supported by our unique Programme and Project delivery system that produces high quality, consistent outcomes

Performance Management and Monitoring

Our performance monitoring services support our clients in leveraging greater value from their investments and ensure security protection levels are never compromised and resilience is enhanced

Our services showcase

Our services fall into one of five areas of operation; Plan, Design, Implementation, Intelligence and Advisory Services. Here's a selection of services to provide you with an example of what we do.


Development of client specific strategy that encompasses all aspects of security

Project Delivery

The construction of comprehensive project plans that define responsibilities, project milestones and success criteria


The delivery of the SABRE programme and support across every stage of the process

Security System Design

Holistic security system design services in response to mitigation or improvement plans

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Specialist Hostile Vehicle Mitigation design and implementation in line with ISO IWA 14-1, PAS 68 and ASTM F2656-07

Performance Management

Ensuring that security operations and systems are operating at optimum levels

Award Winning Risk, Cyber and Security Consulting

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