Technical Security

With the proliferation of data-network-connected security systems, designing a technical security solution requires far greater knowledge than just the system design parameters. Issues such as cyber security credentials, identity management, personal data privacy, data security and user access rights are just some of the elements where your security systems can be exposed if vulnerabilities are not addressed.

The choice of product is also critical, requiring very careful consideration. How can you be sure that a product will function in the way it needs to? Will it be reliable? Will it be able to grow and develop in line with your business needs?  

The range of technical security systems available has expanded significantly in recent years. Smarter products using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies make the options and combinations seem almost limitless.

Ensuring that your strategic objectives are clearly understood along with your specific Operational Requirements, is always an essential starting point of any design process. CornerStone is able to help you through the maze of options, ensuring that technical security solutions mitigate identified risks and enable effective business operations.

Our viewpoint

Technical Security can be an important component

Technical security solutions are becoming smarter and can provide greater value than ever before. Too often however, the application of the latest Video Monitoring solution or Identity Management System isn't aligned with the needs of the organisation that has acquired it. Frequently, we observe significant amounts of money being committed on products and systems that never utilise their full range of features. Sometimes, clients over-spend on products that they simply don't need. Our Holistic Approach is structured to ensure that technical security solutions match the organisations requirements and are aligned with the risk reduction objectives of the business they are bought to serve.

Risk Assessment

Choosing the right technology often starts by understanding the threat environment and knowing what vulnerabilities exist

Operational Requirements

In addition to understanding the security risks it is important to define how the organisation intend to use the technical security solutions

Mitigation and Design

Once the 'foundation' information is known, our comprehensive design process will ensure that solutions mitigate risk and align with operational needs

What technology is right for you

With the current pace of technical security system development accelerating, choosing the right platform is essential but rarely straight forward

Extracting the value

To derive maximum value from technical security investment, it is important to fine tune the system or product set-up, not just accept an out-of-the-box deployment

Life Cycle Management

As with all products, maintaining optimum functionality is dependent on many factors but service and maintenance is important. Knowing when products require replacement or are approaching end-of-life is also an essential aspect of Life Cycle Management

Our Approach

CornerStone has a rich history of helping clients with their Technical Security solutions. From evaluating existing vulnerabilities, designing new systems (often as part of large-scale, roll-out projects), managing the implementation of new systems or maximising the value derived from previous investment, CornerStone has the expertise and experience to always deliver successful outcomes.

Through our Holistic Approach we ensure that Technical Security Systems feed into the overall security posture in a proportionate and appropriate way. We ensure that Technical solutions do not create further vulnerabilities and align with corporate policy and rules.

We aid technology selection and support procurement processes. We're there to support through every stage of a project and ensure that whatever technical solution you require, it delivers your objectives and delights all stakeholders.


Our experienced team of Security Consultants are able to support you at every level and through every stage of a project. We can help develop holistic security strategies that include the latest technical solutions and ensure Technical Security design is effective and proportionate. Our Implementation Teams can ensure that your vision is realised and systems perform at their optimum. Our Assessment Team can audit technical system and service provider's performance and verify that systems are functioning correctly and that you are receiving value for money.

We believe that an important aspect of our proposition is our independence. We do not supply equipment or provide installation services. You can relax in the knowledge that our objective is purely to ensure that the solutions we design are fully aligned with your requirements and where we can, exceed your expectations.


Our experience enables us to develop holistic strategies that leverage technical solutions as part or a broader security program

Vulnerability Assessment

Where clients need to understand if vulnerabilities exist within their facilities , we have a range of Vulnerability Assessment options

Project Planning

To ensure a technical solution is implemented successfully takes extensive planning and coordination. Our planning service can flex around your own in-house resources or deliver a comprehensive and holistic masterplan to address every aspect

Requirements Scoping

We have a well developed process to help capture the various layers of requirements at a strategic, operational and technical level

Security Systems Design

Technical security design requires product and application expertise as well as extensive security know-how and experience. Our Design team can support you across any security technology and specialise in providing innovative solutions

Project Delivery

Once the technical security solution is defined it requires skill and understanding to manage the delivery through to a successful conclusion. We offer a range of services that can fit around your own resource or take full 'turnkey' responsibility

Holistic Approach

Removing The Gaps

CornerStone has pioneered the development of contemporary security risk management practices over many years. Our Unified Security Risk Management® model provides a truly joined-up and inclusive way of addressing some of the trickiest security challenges. Through the development of a deep understanding of security risk we have established how its identification, quantification and mitigation can be utilised to improve an organisation’s security posture, reducing risk levels whist improving business resilience and preparedness. Read about our approach related to theses specialist areas.

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