Operational Security

A security operation can be made up of many components, both in-house as well as contracted or outsourced. For security to be truly effective it requires that all elements work together in a holistic way and according to a clearly communicated plan or strategy. Within our consulting team, we have Operational Security specialists covering all aspects including security management, guarding, the Security Operations Centre and the supply chain.

We have consultants who have worked on the client side and others who have delivered operational security services as service provider. It is this proven experience and solutions know-how that equips us when dealing with the broadest range of issues, and in formulating our strategic advice, mitigation planning and audit services.

Our viewpoint

Managing the Security Operation

The Security of most organisations is contributed to by a range of disparate services that together form a multi-layered protection against those who would aspire to bypass these defences. Without a clear strategy and the ongoing management of these various elements, gaps can emerge and these can create vulnerabilities. The management of the security operation is a critical component of any security function. Its often focussed on the management of the Guarding team but should also encompass all other areas of Security. Our Holistic Approach can help develop more joined-up strategy and our Assessment Services can offer insight and define opportunities for improvement. Our ongoing Audit services ensure continuingly improving performance levels focussed on maximising your return on investment.

Comprehensive view of your risk

Our Risk Assessment services can help direct operational activity and identify a range of vulnerabilities that relate to operational management

Detailed understanding of procedures

Policies, procedures and assignment instructions should be aligned with the businesses operational requirements. We can assess and develop a more holistic approach that will improve communication and return on investment

Security Contol Room

We are able to align our Technical and Operational experience to support the design and development of new facilities through to operational deployment

Support for the Board

Where gaps have emerged within a security operation we have the experience and capability to support Senior Management with interim management or project based assistance

Threat Intelligence

Our threat intelligence service can offer a reliable and curated flow of threat related insights relevant to your security operation

Compliance Auditing

As part of an ongoing program or a one-off review, our comprehensive Compliance Auditing service is able to offer a clear understanding of performance and adherence to a range of standards

Learn how we impact

Our holistic approach is applied through a wide array of services, learn more about those below.

Requirement Scoping

We have a well developed process to help capture the various layers of requirements at a strategic, operational and technical level

Threat Monitoring and Analysis

Our threat intelligence services can offer a reliable and curated flow of threat related insights relevant to your security operation

Penetration Testing

Physical Penetration Testing is an effective way of identifying gaps in security layers or weaknesses in service delivery

Compliance Monitoring

To confirm that policy and procedures are being adhered to our Compliance Monitoring service provides insight and intelligence that can be harnessed for improvement


Our Cyber proposition is focussed on the identification and quantification of Cyber Risk. We will advise on Cyber risk mitigation and define how it impacts all areas of security

Security Improvement Program

A security improvement program is a broad ranging activity that can impact any area of security and enable better alignment with corporate requirements or apply a more joined-up or holistic approach

Holistic Approach

Removing The Gaps

CornerStone has pioneered the development of contemporary security risk management practices over many years. Our Unified Security Risk Management® model provides a truly joined-up and inclusive way of addressing some of the trickiest security challenges. Through the development of a deep understanding of security risk we have established how its identification, quantification and mitigation can be utilised to improve an organisation’s security posture, reducing risk levels whist improving business resilience and preparedness. Read about our approach related to theses specialist areas.

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