Cyber and Data Security

The speed of change across the digital landscape is spectacular. Ever-greater automation, capacity and interconnectivity continue to be the driving forces behind many of the world’s most successful economies.  It has become the enabler for life-enhancing innovation and opportunity.  It also brings significant levels of risk.

For the very same reasons that the internet and network connectivity have been a force for good, criminals, terrorists and those of nefarious intent have harnessed that same power to perpetrate a whole new category of criminal behaviour and to facilitate traditional crimes in new and even more effective ways.

Regulators found it difficult to keep up with the pace of change at first, but powerful new laws such as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), introduced by the European Union (EU) have brought in tough new rules aimed at enhancing an individuals' control and rights over their personal data and simplifying the regulatory environment for international business.

Our viewpoint

Evaluating where risk resides

Cyber attacks and data breaches are increasing in quantity and severity. Identifying areas throughout an organisation, where risk can exist, is fundamental to being able to understand the potential impact it might have before taking the necessary actions to reduce the effects or terminate the risk altogether. We understand that delivering good Cyber and Data security can only be achieved through a holistic approach that considers a broad range of risk domains. We go further and consider a much broader cross-section of an organisations operation ensuring that CornerStone's involvement always delivers maximum value.


Any organisation relies upon its reputation to support it's business objectives. Damage to reputation can have far reaching and very costly consequences


The building, its systems and operations that form part of the facility are enablers that quickly interrupt business activity when they are compromised or stop functioning correctly

Core Business Processes

Right at the heart of any organisation are core processes that form the basis of its business activity. The interruption of these processes will damage performance and distract focus whilst they are remediated


Information is an asset that organisations leverage in different ways. Whether it's intellectual property, commercially sensitive or personal data, its security is paramount

Supply Chain

Businesses can be critically dependent on their supply chain. Any interruption or disruption can quickly impact business performance and have other long lasting affects

Human Resources

Most organisations consider its people a key asset, but people can also be an accidental or intentional threat to business operations, able to undermine activity or damage performance

Our Approach

CornerStone’s Cyber, Risk and Data Security services form part of our holistic approach to security risk management. We recognise that it would be easy to solely focus attention on the threat that Cyber poses, however, as part of a good Cyber security defence it takes more than just technical cyber measures to mitigate the risk.

Our unique Unified Security Risk Management model enables us to consider a more rounded view of the relevant security risks and form much more comprehensive risk management strategies. Our services are designed to consider and mitigate the interrelated threats faced across all areas of business operation and not just the traditional silos that security used to focus upon. 


Our Cyber Security and Data Security Assessment services help you to identify, quantify and prioritise the key risks facing your organisation. We can help you develop, implement or complement the existing data protection processes and controls needed to meet compliance requirements—and keep your company’s proprietary and sensitive information safe.

Our risk management service can help you calculate the effectiveness of your security policies by regularly measuring your company’s performance against the internal standards that have been set.

Whatever your sector or industry we can create a comprehensive cyber and data security strategy to protect against your specific risks and develop a holistic security master plan designed to evolve over time.

Requirement Scoping

We use a range of techniques to explore expectations and aspirations as well as operational necessities

Threat Monitoring and Analysis

Our threat analysts use a range of data sources, both public and specialist, to monitor known threat actors and identify new threats

Penetration Testing

Our physical penetration testing teams are skilled in replicating the mind-set and behaviour of real adversaries to provide the most realistic test of existing security measures

Compliance Monitoring

To ensure policies and procedures are being adhered to, compliance monitoring can identify areas for procedural development and training

Cyber Risk and Data Security

As Cyber and Data Security threats continue to expand, CornerStone's range of risk assessment and compliance services help clients to become better prepared

Security Improvement Program

When improvements are needed, we have the experience and expertise to devise the strategy and then implement the measures that are required

Holistic Approach

Removing The Gaps

CornerStone has pioneered the development of contemporary security risk management practices over many years. Our Unified Security Risk Management® model provides a truly joined-up and inclusive way of addressing some of the trickiest security challenges. Through the development of a deep understanding of security risk we have established how its identification, quantification and mitigation can be utilised to improve an organisation’s security posture, reducing risk levels whist improving business resilience and preparedness. Read about our approach related to theses specialist areas.

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