Performance Management

System and service provider Performance Management

How are your security systems or service providers performing? Is your system achieving its original objective? Does it have errors and faults that are masked or have been left unaddressed? Are your service providers delivering the tasks, and at the level you expected? Once installed, it is easy for security system performance to degrade and for its original intent to be diluted. Similarly, service providers can lose focus or struggle to deliver the value that was expected.

Through a developed process of performance auditing, we will consider the original operational or functional requirements and confirm the basis of the original engagement. We will identify exactly what the system or service should be achieving. This process alone will identify any gaps between the original intent and the current status, but it will also identify whether the systems are effective at delivering their present security objectives.

How we help

Once established, the CornerStone performance management process is designed to ensure performance levels are returned to as close to the original as possible and then maintained year on year through a wide-ranging, ongoing performance management programme, safeguarding technical and financial performance throughout the rest of its lifecycle.

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From our London HQ we work with clients around the world to mitigate security risk, devise innovative solutions and implement their requirements for a holistic approach to Security.

We deliver outstanding solutions to world-class clients

Customer service is embedded in everything we do. When your client list includes many of the world’s leading companies your standards must be high. The ongoing investment we make in our unique delivery process and our commitment to professional development is all about providing excellence at every stage and ensuring that we deliver outstanding results.

We have a holistic approach

Our unique, holistic approach has been developed to align with the modern business environment we operate within. It recognises the need for joined-up, inclusive solutions that are not limited to a particular security silo. We have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results across the full spectrum of risk and security consulting services. 

We deliver value

Our clients recognise that above all else we deliver value for their investment. That is why 92% of our client engagements over the last 10 years have led to us providing them with additional services. It is the value we deliver that keeps our ‘approval rating’ so high: whether finding creative solutions to tough challenges, working with stakeholders to understand cultural context, or offering advice and support whilst delivering other projects. 

We are independent

We are completely independent of any product manufacturer, system installer or other types of security company. We do not supply equipment, install products, or provide installation or commissioning services. When you speak to us it is safe in the knowledge that you will receive unbiased, expert advice that is not influenced by a relationship with a particular manufacturer or installer. Our solutions are based on your requirements – we have no other agenda.

We make our clients more resilient

Improving a client’s risk profile starts with a comprehensive analysis of their current situation. Once we know the threats they may be exposed to and what vulnerabilities exist, we use our joined-up, holistic approach to address even the most complex of requirements. Through a comprehensive mitigation programme we will reduce levels of risk and increase business resilience allowing them to focus on their primary business objectives. 

We are totally client-focused

Our unique delivery process helps us maintain the quality of our service and retain our client-focused approach. We understand that without our clients we cannot continue to thrive, so client relationships are top of our agenda. Our consultants have been carefully selected to ensure that our desire to delight our clients is embedded throughout every engagement.

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