White Paper

Five Security Trends for the Coming Year and Beyond

Predicting the future at any time has always been fraught with difficulty, but as the world grapples with post-pandemic adjustments, as well as a changing geo political landscape, accurately calculating how anything will develop in the coming few years may appear even more challenging than it has been in the past.

However, CornerStone’s team of security experts and analysts have used their market insight and understanding to identify five key trends that they expect to develop throughout the coming twelve to twenty-four months.

The five trends are linked by a common thread. They’re all associated with the risk and security environment that CornerStone has specialised in since 2007. They affect different aspects of business and derive from differing security silos.

Identifying the issues that influence each trend, as well as the associated risks and opportunities, comes naturally to the CornerStone team, and our holistic approach to risk and security management enables us to take a truly ‘joined-up’ approach when advising clients and devising appropriate mitigation strategies.

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