Case Study

Risk Profiling for success - Maintaining the guest experience in a challenging security environment

The owner of a new international hotel development was seeking a security consultancy familiar with hotel brand standards to develop the security solution to protect the facility’s guests and staff. A key criteria was a design solution that would be proportionate, appropriate and scalable to the threats and risks to the development, while not impacting the guest experience. A key concern for the design was the pedestrian and vehicular circulation routes and the need to conduct screening due to the risk of terrorist attacks. The owners specifically wanted to ensure that western VIPs would be recommended by their embassies to use the hotel, and therefore, identification of the risk profile was critical.

At Cornerstone, our holistic approach to risk and security goes beyond cyber and physical to give you complete situational awareness. By focusing on the whole rather than the parts, we eliminate silos that create risk, effectively saving you valuable time, money, and resources. Our award-winning proprietary approach includes an independent unified risk analysis and a suite of sophisticated security solutions designed to deliver end-to-end security excellence across a range of industries and geographies.

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