Cyber Risk Services

Cybercrime has evolved. Is your organisation prepared?

As businesses and organisations continue their digital transformation journey's and processes become more automated, cyber security continues to grow as one of the most significant threats faced throughout all business sectors. The impact of a cyber-security breach can be existential and at best, disruptive. As many as 60% of small to medium enterprises (SMEs have up to 250 employees and £50m/annum revenue), go out of business within 6 months of suffering a cyber-attack. This is a frightening statistic but we should remember that the other 40% continue to trade, many of them thriving and enjoying success over many years. Although the number of larger organisations that fail after being the victim of a significant cyber-attack is much smaller, there are parallels.

The main difference between those hit the hardest and those that prove to be more resilient is their levels of preparedness. The better prepared an organisation is, the more successful it will be at withstanding the consequences of an attack.

Our cyber risk evaluation process uses a blended methodology, aligned with the ISO 31000 risk management standard and supplemented by a range of other international frameworks, to calculate "preparedness" and therefore risk exposure.

Our consulting team work with you to develop a bespoke "road map" to build better protection and improve cyber security awareness.

How we help

Whatever your sector or industry we can help you navigate the often complex cyber security environment, and create a comprehensive strategy to protect against your specific risks and develop a holistic security master plan designed to evolve over time.

What we do?

Our Approach

As our business world becomes increasingly more reliant on the complex interconnectivity of business systems, hardware, applications and other technology, the related security risks increase. CornerStone's pioneering, holistic approach recognises the need to consider security more widely and this is reflected within our Cyber Security service areas. We are able to utilise the knowledge gained through our planning, assessment and audit services to inform technical cyber solutions and how these need to be applied throughout an organisation. Context is always critical when planning the measures that are necessary and our Cyber Services offer the most comprehensive insight into what you need to do today and into the future.

Cyber Security Preparedness Assessment

This comprehensive evaluation will offer the insight and understanding necessary to make informed decisions and prioritise activity

Cyber Risk Assessment

The Cyber risk assessment will evaluate a broad range of factors and provide quantitative data to enable stakeholders to understand vulnerabilities and potential business impact

Compliance Services

CornerStone is able to assess compliance with a broad range of standards including the NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework, ISO 27001, the PCI DSS Standard and the NIST Cyber Security Framework to name just a few. We also incorporate GDPR and other data privacy laws. Our focus is on developing better security outcomes, emphasising context as well as compliance.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing provides real-world insight into the security of the systems being tested, and highlight vulnerabilities that may exist. With the knowledge gleaned, we can provide remediation plans to address weaknesses and reduce the risk of a successful cyber-attack. Our services include "Positive" and "Negative" tests and align with initiatives such as CREST and the Tiger scheme.

Application Security Assessment

To ensure that new applications and business systems are coded securely and remain secure throughout their life-cycle, Application Security testing provides assurance and highlights vulnerabilities that might have occurred due to emerging threats

Data Security Assessment

The security of its data is often a key element of an organisations Risk Register. Our Data Security Assessment utilises a comprehensive consultation process to understand key business assets and requirements and deliver valuable insight

Cyber Mitigation Planning

By using the preparedness and risk assessment output we are able to design holistic mitigation programs, focussed on reducing risk exposure and increasing levels of protection

Data Privacy Assessment

The loss of personal data can have significant consequences for any organisation. CornerStone's consulting team work to reduce the risk of substantial financial penalties, business interruption and reputational damage

Leverage our experience

CornerStone has the experience and subject matter expertise to help you through the Cyber Security maze. We are members of the government-founded UK Cyber Security Council, we're accredited by the UK Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) as Digital Security Providers and are certified to ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. Our highly skilled and experienced team of risk management professionals work to mitigate cyber risks and improve Cyber Security awareness. The many industry awards and accolades that we have won are testament to the consistently high-quality service we deliver.

Certified Cyber Security Services

British Assessment Bureau

Why choose us?

From our London headquarters we work with clients around the world to reduce their expose to risk and improve their resilience. We have the credentials, the expertise and the track record of success to support your security aspirations and deliver outstanding results.

We deliver outstanding solutions to world-class clients

Customer service is embedded in everything we do. When your client list includes many of the world’s leading companies your standards must be high. The ongoing investment we make in our unique delivery process and our commitment to professional development is all about providing excellence at every stage and ensuring that we deliver outstanding results.

We have a holistic approach

Our unique, holistic approach has been developed to align with the modern business environment we operate within. It recognises the need for joined-up, inclusive solutions that are not limited to a particular security silo. We have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results across the full spectrum of risk and security consulting services. 

We deliver value

Our clients recognise that above all else we deliver value for their investment. That is why 92% of our client engagements over the last 10 years have led to us providing them with additional services. It is the value we deliver that keeps our ‘approval rating’ so high: whether finding creative solutions to tough challenges, working with stakeholders to understand cultural context, or offering advice and support whilst delivering other projects. 

We are independent

We are completely independent of any product manufacturer, system installer or other types of security company. We do not supply equipment, install products, or provide installation or commissioning services. When you speak to us it is safe in the knowledge that you will receive unbiased, expert advice that is not influenced by a relationship with a particular manufacturer or installer. Our solutions are based on your requirements – we have no other agenda.

We make our clients more resilient

Improving a client’s risk profile starts with a comprehensive analysis of their current situation. Once we know the threats they may be exposed to and what vulnerabilities exist, we use our joined-up, holistic approach to address even the most complex of requirements. Through a comprehensive mitigation programme we will reduce levels of risk and increase business resilience allowing them to focus on their primary business objectives. 

We are totally client-focused

Our unique delivery process helps us maintain the quality of our service and retain our client-focused approach. We understand that without our clients we cannot continue to thrive, so client relationships are top of our agenda. Our consultants have been carefully selected to ensure that our desire to delight our clients is embedded throughout every engagement.

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