Case Study

Medical and safety manufacturing client - Delivery of a site-wide security solution

CornerStone’s medical and safety manufacturing sector client had grown significantly over the years. Their ageing main site in northeast England required development to support this growth, and their objectives were to increase site efficiency, safety and security. The client required consulting services to develop a site-wide security design, including integrated electronic and physical security systems, a secure perimeter reception area and a security control room. A full technical design was to be tendered to the market and a Security Integrator (SI) selected in order to deliver the new solutions alongside the principal contractor. The client, stakeholders and SI then needed project management services to ensure delivery, based on an agreed timeline and budget.

At Cornerstone, our holistic approach to risk and security goes beyond cyber and physical to give you complete situational awareness. By focusing on the whole rather than the parts, we eliminate silos that create risk, effectively saving you valuable time, money, and resources. Our award-winning proprietary approach includes an independent unified risk analysis and a suite of sophisticated security solutions designed to deliver end-to-end security excellence across a range of industries and geographies.

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